The Thai Academy of Science and Technology (TAST) was established in 1997.  It was founded by a group of scientists and technologists whose works have been continuously recognized, and whose experiences and interests are vital to the development of the nation. TAST is a “non-government agency”.  This is to ensure that there is no bias in giving recommendations to the government, organizations, and the general public as a whole.


  1. To promote and be the driving force for S&T development in order to enhance the nation’s efficiency in the following areas:
    • Environmental management
    • Competitiveness in the world market
    • Quality of life, society and environment
    • Sustainable development of the nation
  2. To study and analyze problems and barriers to S&T.
  3. To give science-related information, options and recommendations to the government and the public as a whole.
  4. To promote efficiency in managing and developing technology-related industry.
  5. To ensure that the works by Thai scientist and technologists are beneficial to the development of the nation.
  6. To promote harmony and integration between science & technology and other disciplines including the nation’s culture.
  7. To promote cooperation among associations, foundations and academic organizations in the development of human resources in the field of S&T.
  8. To create links with international organizations whose objectives are similar to TAST.
  9. To NOT be involved in any political agenda.


TAST realizes that science and technology have a profound impact on the society and nation as a whole.  Therefore, TAST’s duties and priorities are to pick issues or matters that are currently in the eyes of the general public and perform careful analyses by gathering additional information, doing researches, and providing opportunities for discussion and criticism in order to bring to conclusion, further the study or formalize plans for the future.